Course curriculum

  • 1

    How the Course Works and What you can Expect

    • Hi from Si

    • The Simon Ekin Learning Academy - Your Personalised Learning Stream

    • What you can expect for the next few weeks...

    • Course Outcomes (Audio & Transcript)

    • Purpose and Outcome of this Module

    • A little about me...

    • It’s a crazy, weird world

    • Here's to the Crazy Ones - And your Crazy Goals

    • An Example of an Extraordinary Goal Playing Itself Out...


    • What is it going to take to achieve your goal?

    • Course Agreements

    • Terms and Conditions

    • Guidelines for an Extraordinary Journey

    • Please tell me a bit more about yourself...

    • Module Self-Reflection Questionnaire (Keep it short!)

    • Module Feedback - Please rate it

  • 2

    You'll Never Walk Alone - How and When to Ask for Suppport

    • Now, let's talk about support: what it is and what you can expect...

    • No Man is an Island (Short video and transcript)

    • Purpose of the Support Module

    • How to ask for Help - a great TED talk that I think will really help...

    • You and Support - A Short Questionnaire

    • How to ask for Support in achieving your CEO Goal

    • The mechanics of ASKing for support

    • A Personal Story about Support

    • Support is a two-way street

    • 4 Ways to Respond to a Request

    • Assignment - Having Fun with Making Requests

    • Your Support Assignment: How did it go?

    • Module Feedback - Please rate it

    • Module Self-Reflection Quesionnaire (Keep it short!)

  • 3

    Begin With the End in Mind

    • Outcome and purpose of the 'Begin with the end in Mind' module

    • Questionnaire - Rate yourself between 1-10 (1 low, 10 high): I am clear, inspired and lit up about my vision

    • An ancient story to illustrate the power of a vision

    • A demonstration of just how powerful a 'vision' or 'future' is

    • Your vision should be crazy

    • A knock-out vision

    • Your vision - questionnaire

    • Now, your vision...

    • Here's my vision....

    • The Donkey in the Derby...

    • Now, let's talk about values

    • Your values - questionnaire

    • Purpose. Is having a purpose important to you?

    • Purpose - What it is and how it works

    • Talk on the essence of purpose - 'Start With Why,' by Simon Sinek...

    • Ikigai - Finding your purpose.

    • Your mission (should you choose to accept it)

    • Let's talk about objectives

    • Okay, next up is strategy (you're going to love how short this!)

    • And finally, tactics - where the rubber hits the road

    • A note on what happens when you get stuck...

    • Rate your level of satisfaction with this module

  • 4

    BE-DO-HAVE. The 3-Step Approach to Getting What you Want

    • The BE-DO-HAVE Continuum

    • Video - Being Brilliant Every Day - Dr Alan Watkins, TED talk - Parts 1 and 2

    • Jonny Wilkinson interview on Engagement (Jonny goes full Yoda!)

  • 5

    Responsibility - The Ultimate Freedom

    • Responsibility - The Ultimate Freedom

    • The TED talk on how to start a movement

  • 6

    Keeping Your Word and Promises - Integrity

    • Profound Personal Integrity - Maliwada School of Human Development

    • Magazine Interview - Integrity - without it nothing else works

    • The 5 Levels of Integrity - Simon Ekin

  • 7

    Awareness - The Mother of Transformation

    • Interview questions - What works and doesn't work

    • Module - The Creation of Identity

  • 8

    Courage - The Most Important Virtue of All

    • My Dad and forgiveness - video

    • What every parent is waiting to hear...

  • 9

    Peronal Productivity - Habits, rituals and practices for success

    • Forget big change - start with a tiny habit. TED talk by BJ Fogg.

    • The $25,000 Idea: An incredibly Simple and Powerful Prioritisation and Time-Managment Tool.

    • The Eisenhower - or How to Prioritise - Matrix

  • 10

    The Authentic, Courageous Communication Module - Introduction to 3 part Course

    • Welcome, Promise and Guarantee of this Course

    • My Promise, Outcome and Guarantee - Graphic

    • Why the Course Exists, How it Works and How to get the Best out of it.

    • Terms and Conditions

    • Just What does Authentic, Courageous and Communication mean exactly?

    • Definition - Authenticity

    • Definition - Courageous

    • Definition - Communication

    • Please write down your brief answers to the quiz, below.

    • Right, let's now move onto module 1: Personal Communication...

  • 11

    Personal Communication

    • What's your Goal for this part of the Course?

    • That's your goal. Now, what's your 'reality' in this part of the course?'

  • 12

    Interpersonal Communication

    • Module - The Courageous Communication Process

  • 13

    Group Communication including Public Speaking

    • Ernesto Sirolli: Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!

    • How to sound smart in your TEDx Talk | Will Stephen | TEDxNewYork

  • 14

    Miscellaneous Library

    • Peter Kaufman - A Talk on The Multidisciplinary Approach to Thinking

  • 15


    • What is Leadership? David Marquet - Former Commander of Nuclear Submarine and author of, Turn The Ship Around!